What is Hospice?

What Is Hospice

Hospice care is the model for quality, compassionate care for people facing a life-limiting illness or injury. Hospice care uses a team-oriented approach to expert care —called an interdisciplinary team (IDT) approach. The IDT team addresses the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual “parts” which compose us all; and addresses those issues causing patients and their families’ pain. At its very center, is a belief we each have the right to live pain-free until the last day of our life, with our families receiving the necessary support allowing us to do so.

Our “team” consists of the patient’s Primary Care Physician, the hospice Medical Director, RN Case Managers, Licensed Vocational Nurses, Hospice Home Health Aides, Social Workers, Chaplains, and trained Volunteers. Read More

Having A Choice

Having A Choice Six things you should know when choosing a hospice provider:

• Owned and managed by local clinicians and business men vs huge nameless companies or investors
• Hospice-certified nurses and doctors on staff and available 24 hours per day.
• Patient/Staff ratios exceeding industry standards.
• Respite and Inpatient care unit contracts where patients can go if symptoms can’t be managed at home.
• Ability to provide care in nursing homes and assisted living residences.
• Approved providers for Medicare / Medicaid & most private insurance companies. That way, Medicare/Medicaid/Isurance will cover services, including equipment and home health aides as needed, plus counseling and grief support for the patient and the family. Read More

  About Integrity Hospice


 Integrity Hospice was started almost a decade ago by four local Georgians with more than a century's worth of experience in end of life care. Our administrative team members each contribute a wealth of knowledge, experience and unique insights toward the end-of-life care experience provided by our organization. During an era in medicine; and especially hospice, where so many providers are “GIANTS” and seemingly focused only on the bottom line, we are proud to be known for the love, compassion and dignity we bring to every home.

We understand that people don’t have to live in pain and misery, that goodbyes are important, that friendship and laughter are good medicine, and that often what’s most needed is to hold someone’s hand. Read More