On Site Services/Workshops

WorkshopsIntegrity Hospice is developing workshops to address various aspects of grief. Each workshop will provide participants with an understanding of the grieving process, skills to better manage grief and an opportunity to share experiences with others who are also grieving. All of our grief support programs will be available to anyone in the community as well as the families of our hospice patients.

Some planned workshops are:

Coping with Holidays - A workshop for adults who are facing the holiday season after the loss of a loved one. This workshop includes practical tips for surviving the holiday season, techniques for coping with grief-related depression and other challenges, time for personal reflection and developing a plan to work with grief at holiday time.

Coping Creatively- This workshop is designed to help you with your grief journey with a journal to get you started writing about your feelings. Many people are uncomfortable with writing, but it can be very therapeutic.

Understanding Your Grief - This workshop is designed to help the newly bereaved understand the journey of grief, determine when professional help is needed and identify tools to unlock the healing process.

Loss of a Mother -  A workshop just for women who are grieving the loss of their mother. Come learn techniques for coping with grief-related depression, practical tips for surviving the loss and support from others also journeying through grief.

We would love to hear what type of groups that you think will be beneficial. To offer your suggestions please call any of our offices: Alabany - 229.349.6390, Bainbridge - 229.442.9162, Dublin - 478.272.0023, or Eastman - 478.559.3035.